Best Online Poker Website by Criteria

When you are looking for an online poker website to play at, first of all you need to take a look at your playing preferences and think about what matters most to you in an online poker website. Not all poker websites are alike. Some have great software, but poor customer service. Others have plenty of tournaments, but not so many cash games. At some websites, you will have a hard time finding your favorite games like Omaha or Stud. Maybe you prefer Fixed Limit ring games - that would definitely narrow down your choice. So finding the best online poker website is all about your personal criteria!
Take a look at the recommendations we give, like for "poker website with best tournament program", "best customer support website", "poker website with weakest players" etc. and you will surely find the right place for you to play at!

If you look at the online poker scene today, you will find two rooms that have a huge share of the market. I am talking about Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker. But here's the problem: those two have grown so big that they think they can get away with anything. Their customer support is about the worst in the industry - the number of complaints about emails not being answered is very high, but what is even worse is the fact that cashouts may take a long time here, which is unacceptable to most players. We have included a review of both of them on our website because in some ways they still offer a good product, but personally after taking all criteria into account I would prefer to recommend other online poker websites rather than the big ones. And isn't that an eternal truth, not only in online poker, that any competitor strives to be #1, but once they get there, they do not care too much about the people who made them #1, namely their customers?

You may notice that we still promote Full Tilt Poker, for the very simple reason that their high-stakes games are the best. As far as Pokerstars is concerned, we feel that there is really not much of a reason to play there.

In consequence, I strongly believe that the best online poker websites are the ones who rank in the middle for number of players and size of market share. Those are the ones that will go the extra mile to make you, the customer, happy and will treat you like you deserve it!