Qualifying online for the World Series of Poker

If you want to participate in the poker world series, you can do so through online qualifiers Party Poker. The long running poker room is one of the world's favourite for playing online poker and it's about time that you know about Party Poker as they offer you a chance to qualify for the world series. Through a series of poker tournaments, there is a grand chance to win millions of dollars. In fact, in 2010, the final jackpot was $8.94million and went to Canadian born, Jonathan Duhamel.

In order to participate in the Poker World Series you need to join the first of 58 events. This means you play for months beforehand, playing in satellites (games which give you a seat in the main event) and filter out the winning players before you get to the WSOP main event. In the main event, you play many games until the final $10,000 no limit Hold Em tables. This is where it hots up and only the very best players are left. That doesn't mean they are all professionals, as in 2003 when complete amateur Chris Moneymaker showed when he won.

Party Poker has many tournaments and many chances for you to play into the WSOP. You can participate in the Poker World Series through buying a seat into the tournament at Party Poker, but before you join, don't forget to use the bonus code PRTYNEWS which is at the bottom of the page which gives you a 100% bonus on deposits up to $500. That means you can go into the big events with more of a bankroll and use the rebuys more intensely so you can give yourself a better chance of winning or at least getting through to the final rounds.

Participate in the Poker World Series and Make a Name For Yourself

The multi-million dollar series is also backed by the WSOP bracelet. If you have one of these then that shows that you're a great poker player. Only by playing in the WSOP playoffs at Party Poker can you have the chance to get a seat and the chance to get your hands on the bracelet. If you do make it through to the end, the main event is televised and you will be on the major networks. Remember, it's a cut-throat game that needs a level head and some serious practice in playing. It's usually played in high-end, luxury hotels and casinos and is filled with glitz and glamour that only poker could bring. The fact you can play online to gain a seat is simply incredible!

For your chance to participate in the Poker World Series, you need to be a member of a WSOP poker room. Party Poker has many tournaments running that enable you to have the chance to get a seat and if you join up today and click this link, you can get a 100% bonus on deposits up to $500 using the code PRTYNEWS. What are you waiting for?