Poker Anna Kournikova – What Does it Mean?

If you play poker at Party Poker then you might hear the phrase poker Anna Kournikova which has nothing to do with whether the young tennis star plays poker or not, it's a reference to Ace-King (off suited, usually) “looking pretty but never wins”. The pretty tennis player launched into stardom in the early 2000s and began winning a few matches but never a grand slam. The Williams sisters soon came on the scene and have demolished most competitors now.

Poker Anna Kournikova is based on the Ace King pocket cards and was first mentioned in the WPT tournament by commentator Vince Van Patton, as the two cards look like they could beat anything and are a strong hand to start with but almost never win. It only takes a pair (akin to the Venus and Serena) to beat an A-K. If you want to get into playing poker for real money, and win big money as they do in tennis, then you can join Party Poker at the bottom of the page which will give you a bonus code (PRTYNEWS) that is 100% bonus on deposits up to $500.

It may be a little harsh, the poker Anna Kournikova, but she is pretty and rarely won, apart from in doubles tournaments. She's since retired now and is a coach on the TV program “The Biggest Loser” taking over Jillian Daniels' role. The tennis star had a marred career through injuries, especially to her back, and that caused her retirement in 2003 from singles games but has continued to do charity events, TV shows and guest appearances for tennis matches.

The Poker Anna Kournikova

When you're dealt a poker Anna Kournikova (Ace King) then you really need to be on your guard as the only real way that it is more of a sure-fire win is if there is a straight draw available, and even then it could easily be beaten by a flush draw. The Ace King off-suit lures you into thinking you have a great hand but in essence, it's only if there are three more cards that come out in your favour.

Of course, there is a chance to pick up a double pair or even just a pair of Aces might win you the hand but you have to be sure that your opponents aren't sitting on triples or a double pair. It's very rare that pocket AK would win you the hand from a high card. In most cases, a pair of measly 2s would beat an AK and that's where the embarrassment comes in. The poker Anna Kournikova might seem like a harsh reference to the tennis star's blotted career but it's true.

Playing poker online is a great way to try and make lots of money but as with any type of game you will win and lose. You need to be able to absorb the losses so you have to have a good bankroll from the start. If you join Party Poker today, you can click this link and get a 100% bonus on deposits up to $500 , use bonus code PRTYNEWS and give yourself a head start.