Poker Terms Loose – What Does it Mean?

At Party Poker, one of the biggest and best poker rooms in the world, you can find loose players. In poker terms, loose is a style of play that is a little frivolous or care-less in the betting and raising. It's that player that is playing in almost every hand and if they don't have a good pair of cards from the deal, they are bluffing but use this aggressiveness to mask when they are bluffing or actually have a good set of cards. These players are difficult to play against and will either clean up and take all of the money or quickly waste their whole bankroll. Playing against such a player often feels like you are gambling in an internet casino.

It's a slippery slope if you play this way and what is known in poker terms: loose. By occasionally playing loose and capitalising on weak players it is a good way to quickly throw money at your bank account but it should only really be done 20% of the time or if you get the feeling you're playing against an amateur. It takes bravery and you must be willing to lose your whole bankroll but the profits can roll in quickly if you play it right.

Going all in with a 2-7 off suit is never a good idea unless there are three other 7s and a 2 on the board. Those that play tight, who fold unless they have a great hand are easy to play against as soon as they bet you know they have something. This is when playing in poker terms loose that you need to be on your guard and out-bet them or go back to playing a little tighter.

Poker Terms Loose: Risky But Rewarding

Some people think that as soon as they sit down at the poker table that it's the excitement and quick fire way of making money that is the real pull. If you play slow and take 12 hours to win $10 then it's not really worth your while but if you win $10 every few seconds by playing a little looser then you can make a good go at playing online poker as a career.

In poker terms, loose players bluff regularly, bet when unnecessary and call rather than fold. They won't check, they won't fold until they see the flop no matter how much betting has gone on, and will generally play in a way that is difficult to work out. If you're not a loose player and you come up against one, it's almost always best to match their bets to see their true colours. Out bet them, scare them and as you'll realise, you will soon start taking their money off them and you in turn have become a looser player.

If you want to dominate a poker room then aggressive-loose play is the best way to do it. If you have $500 in your account you can easily double that in one night. And that's why if you click here you can get a $100 bonus on deposits up to $500 at Party Poker (make sure you use bonus code PRTYNEWS) and start to really make some serious money.