Texas Holdem Poker Strategy Tips For Beginners

All beginners to Texas Holdem Poker must first learn the rules of the game. That’s probably the single most important piece of advice you will ever receive when it comes to being a successful holdem poker player. Only through actually sitting down at a table and playing the game will you really develop experience, but before you even go that far make sure you have a grasp of the basic rules.

Know what the combinations are, and what hands win. Learn how the betting works, and even study some of the poker terminology to gain the required knowledge and just to get a feel for the game. Then use your newly acquired knowledge of the rules to build a foundation that playing experience can build on. The basic rules of the game don't take long to learn and nothing replaces experience if you want to become a better player.

Learn about starting hands in Texas holdem poker. All starting hands are not created equal. Some hands have a lot more potential post flop then others. So you are sitting at the table with your pocket cards in front of you. Now what? Is it a good hand? Should you bet a little on it? A lot? There are a variety of different ideas on which starting hands are worth playing in Texas holdem poker, and you will certainly develop your own opinions as you gain experience. But there are hands that most people agree are either definite keepers or definite folds. Know these as a starting point, and then you can decide which poker strategies you agree with.

Play your position well. Playing the cards you are dealt is only part of Texas holdem poker. Adapting your style and strategy to the position you are sitting at the table is another very important part of the game. Playing from a late position where you have a chance to see how other players are going to bet is different then playing from an early position where you have to bet blind. Learn the nuances of the different spots at the table and take full advantage of them.

Don't expect to win everything back in one or even two hands. It's easy to get frustrated when you lose a good hand and along with it a large chunk of money. But don't think that the solution is to get as much of your money back as quickly as possible. This thought will cause you to play too aggressively, bet more than you should or play hands you shouldn't, and more times than not lose yet another chunk of money. Just keep playing smart poker, and you will have a much better chance of recouping your losses.

Whether you plan to play Texas holdem poker for fun or profit, giving heed to a little beginner’s advice will go a long way towards making your experience with the game more enjoyable. For beginner, we recommend Party Poker and Everest Poker. Those two poker websites have easy-to-clear bonuses, soft competition and a wide choice of low-level cash games which are ideal to build your poker skills (and a bankroll!).

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