Learning the Rules and Strategies

The bes way to learn poker is to play at Party Poker. Party Poker have been around almost the longest and have over 12 years experience in running a poker room online. The rules of poker are easy to learn. You simply make the best five card combo out of a possible seven that are on the table. Each player receives two cards that are not shown and the five community cards are placed face up in the centre of the table.

The aim of the game is to use the five community cards to try and make the best hand including your two hole cards. A Royal Flush is the best, where all of the same suit from Ace to 10 are used by the one player. This is very rare hand combination, but it's not impossible. There is also a straight, flush draw, quads (four of the same), pairs and finally, a high card that could win the hand. Each player bets on each round of cards, from the flop to the turn and the river. In no limit Texas Hold Em, there is no limit to the amount you can bet at each round. If you want to go all-in before the flop, you can do.

To learn poker, the best way is simply to watch a table first then join in. Play for fake chips and once you realise when to bet and how to bet, you can play for real. The best part about Party Poker is they are very generous and using the link below you can get a 100% bonus on deposits up to $500 using the bonus code PRTYNEWS. This is a great way to launch yourself into a poker career and helps you get on your way to winning money online.

Learn Poker Strategies and Win More

There are a few strategies to use when you want to learn poker. You can play the safe way which is called tight, and that means you only bet when you have a very good hand. The bad thing about this strategy is that you can lose money from paying the blinds and not winning any back. If you play in high stake games, you money can dwindle quickly. You can play loose or aggressive, which is when you bluff with poor cards and bet hard with good cards.

Both strategies, and there are more, require a different mind set and produce different results. Many people that learn poker usually play tight but learning how to play aggressively and looser is a good way to pick up wins when you're not supposed to. It's a clever way of pretending that you have a good hand if you play the 80-20 rule. 80% tight and 20% aggressive. This makes your opponents think you have a good hand when in actual fact you don't. It's a good idea not to show your winning bluff hands to keep the other players guessing.

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