Poker Stud – Play a Different Type of Poker Online

Texas Hold Em is one of the most popular poker games online but poker stud at Poker Stars is becoming increasingly popular. Poker stud is more popular when played in a casino or with friends, but it hasn't caught on as quick online, until now. Poker Stars is the biggest and most popular poker rooms in the world and has been for a long time, so it seems crazy not to start your poker career than there.

In poker stud, you receive a mixture of face up and face down cards, with different rounds of betting. You can play three card stud, five card stud or even seven card stud, which are popular as it has so many variations and even if you're not sitting on the best hand, you can still take a slice of the pot. It's quick difficult to work out if you're just playing at home with friends, but thanks to being online poker you don't have to work anything out as the computer software does it all for you.

Another great reason to play poker stud is because not many people are experts at the online game yet. The might just try it on the off chance they would win some money and are used to playing Texas Hold Em, but these are the ones that will normally make mistakes as it is a different game. You can learn stud yourself and then prey on the newbie players and collect their money. Don't forget to give yourself a head start at Poker Stars by using the bonus code PSA5243 and the link below and get a 100% bonus on deposits up to $600.

Play Poker Stud Online Today

There is no time like the present to try your hand at poker stud. Practice first, learn the differences between Hold Em and stud, and then use it to your advantage. You might find that playing in a pot limit game is a good way to keep track of your money until you become better at it. And with a potential $600 extra you get from using the link below, you can feel better in having a fully stocked bankroll to rest against.

Other games of stud include six card stud, Razz or London lowball, eight or better and Mississippi or Mexican Stud. Each one has slightly different variations on the betting and the style of play and each one is just as fun as the next. Sometimes even the decks are split, or use multiple decks which means their could be two players with the exact same cards. It's all slightly confusing but very fun in the process and in lots of cases, it's easier to win lots of money from one hand.

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