Playing International Lotto

Of course we all prefer a game where there is a bit of skill involved, but on the other hand, everyone love the lotto as well, right?

But even when you are looking at the various lotteries, there is something similar to the odds in poker. Only here, you would look at the cost for a lotto ticket, the mathematical chance of hitting all required numbers correctly, and the potential reward.

I will not go too deep into math here and calculate the chances of you guessing, say, 6 out of 49 numbers correctly. But one thing is quite obvious: The higher the jackpot, the better your chances are (if all other factors are equal).

Logically, that means you would play your local lotto when the jackpot is high. But that may require you to wait for a long time.

The solution is this online lotto ticket service

There are lots of great lotteries across the globe, but for tickets to those lotteries you cannot just go to your local lotto shop. You would have to buy them online - but most of the lotteries do not sell lotto tickets online themselves.

Help is available though - there is a company that allows you to pick your winning combination online, you then pay online and they will have one of their many agents in the various countries buy a ticket for you. Then, they scan it, and email it to you. This way you have proof that the ticket has actually been bought and processed by the lotto company. The ticket, by the way, carries YOUR name on it. You can play any lottery, and it does not matter at all in which country you live!

Since now you have over 30 worldwide lotteries to choose from, you would be best off to simply choose whichever lottery has the highest jackpot at any given moment, thus ensuring the best possible odds and a maximum return on your investment.

Imagine playing for the biggest jackpots of the planet, like MegaMillions, which reached a record jackpot of over $600 Million in 2012!