Watching the world poker tournament online can benefit you in many ways. However, if you are new to poker you might not understand the history behind the world poker tournament and how it can help you today. Once you start really getting into playing poker online you'll notice many poker sites offer tournaments and one of the most famous live poker tournaments is the World Poker Tour (WPT).

World Poker Tournament History

Steve Lipscome was the founder and CEO of the WPT. He is a known attorney and was the producer for Late Night Poker which was developed back in the year 1999 as a UK poker show. Another known face associated with the WPT is Lyle Berman and the two of them teamed up together to start the world poker tournament. The Travel Channel teamed up with them after a plan was conceived.

They used some of the best tables for Texas Holdem and also integrated small built in cameras in the table so that television viewers could watch the poker players hands.

The first and second year of the world poker tournament was great but third year was when it started to take off on brand new levels because the prize pool started to grow and it quickly turned into millions of dollars. People from all over the world watched as some of the poker pro's dreams unfolded at the world poker tournament.

The world poker tournament helped beginner poker players to know that even when they play online and just starting out in poker that there's a chance that you can win millions of dollars in this game. It also gave the advanced poker players hope because they know all it takes is just practice and time then one day that might be them winning all of that money from playing poker.

The world poker tournament like the WPT is now known as one of the biggest tournaments in the world. The pro's all compete against each other because they know how much money they have a chance at winning. Some poker players have spent almost all of their time reading all that they can and trying to practice a lot just so they could get into this tournament. It's a chance of a life time for many of the poker player's.

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Keep on reading and playing plus watch other player's and their moves. Sometimes part of the learning is just with watching. You'll be amazed at how many mistakes you can spot when you sit down and observe some of the poker players. If you are unsure about how you play then play by yourself at home before you play online and analyze your play.

Watch how you act and respond to the moves that you do. After you watch yourself then watch a live poker tournament and see how they respond. You’ll be amazed at what all you can learn when you just watch yourself and watch other poker players play either at a tournament or just at a live poker game.