Get Free Poker Money – Claim Your Free Money Now

It might seem strange but 888 give away free poker money to people that use the link at the bottom of the page. Why do they do that, you might ask. Well, it's simple. They have a stunning poker room that has millions of registered players and they want you to come along and try it out. They give each new member an $8 head start. That means you can play a couple of games and if you win then you get to keep the money. You could hit lucky and make 10 times the money back, which will surely mean you will join up.

That's the idea behind it all, you can use the free poker money to play at 888 and if you like it, which is likely, then you will become a customer of theirs. Poker rooms with more and more registered players look enticing to more people, and more people means there are more people to win money from. This is why it's best to go for a big name like 888 rather than a company that's just been created. If you don't like 888 for some reason, then there is no obligation to stay. Sounds fair?

Playing with free chips in the play money poker rooms is all well and good but sometimes when you win you want that money to be real. 888 knows this and that's why they give new sign-ups $8 for free, if you use the bonus code 171502 so they can play and see if they like the real deal, not just some fake chips games. This is a much better way of evaluating for yourself if you are going to like the poker room because chances are if you do, then you will play there regularly. If you don't like 888, then you can simply move onto another room that we recommend on our site.

No Strings Attached, Just Free Poker Money Available

As the title suggests, there are no strings attached. 888 wants new players everyday and is willing to put their necks on the line by offering $8 to new sign-ups. It's a brave move but one that proves that once people try it, they will like it and they will become a long-term player. What's more, their first deposit bonus amounts to 100% on deposits up to $400 so there's even more great bonuses to take advantage of, if you like it.

Before you buy a car or a new house, you test it first. You have a look round, make sure everything works and trial it out. The same goes for a new poker site. Accept the $8 and play a few games. See how the lobby is and how easy it is to get around the site, and if you like it, then take advantage of the deposit bonus.

To claim your free $8, click this link to use the bonus code 171502 and get your free poker money at 888. By joining today you can play poker for real money without spending a penny. What are you waiting for?