Poker TV Coverage – Watch the Pros Play Live

Poker TV has increased in popularity thanks to the introduction of pocket cameras and the increase of online poker thanks to Poker Stars in 1997. The poker boom has had a fantastic impression on the world and thanks to the coverage of poker on TV you can watch and learn how to play poker. The great thing about playing online poker is you can win money from the comfort of your own home and not even have to get dressed up nicely to go to a casino.

Although poker TV has been around since the 70s, it's taken a few years to become really popular. The late-night poker on TV coverage wasn't as accessible and as the audience couldn't see the cards it was difficult to watch. Nowadays, the commentators and the on-screen display helps people work out why players play certain hands and why they fold them. This is all part of the learning process in playing online poker and as the players are sometimes millionaires, it's important to watch poker TV to raise your own game.

The high stakes poker games and huge tournaments such as the WSOP is fantastic to watch on TV as you can see people risking their bankroll on a hand and thanks to the on-screen displays, you can see who is going to win the hand and then watch as they try and out bluff each other or watch for any cracks in their poker faces. It really is a compelling sight to see. Thanks to Poker Stars being one of the best poker rooms in the world, they currently offer new sign-ups a 100% bonus on deposits up to $600, which you can get by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page and using bonus code PSA5243.

Poker TV is the Best Learning Tool

Poker TV can help newbies learn the ropes when it comes to playing online poker. You can watch intensely as you see players go all-in with weak cards but their previous playing ability has made other players afraid of them and they win. There is usually a wry smile at the end of it but it's these different styles of poker playing that you need to watch and understand so you can read the game when you play.

Picking up on traits of players such as loose, aggressive, passive and tight players can help you work out what cards they have. If you can do that and either bluff by out-betting a tight player or passively play against an aggressive one, then you will do well. It's all about testing, watching poker TV so you can learn more and more, as well as practising. What better way to practice than with real money poker games and free bonus money?

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