Poker US – Current Legal Situation

The current legal situation of poker US is that Power Poker is still allowing US players to play at their online poker room, and were not accepting any new US players. The US government and the Black Friday April 15th movement has caused a shake up in the poker circles and has caused Power Poker to withdraw from the US marketplace indefinitely. This is a sad time for US players but the doors are open for residents of other countries, such as UK and Europe.

Although Power Poker is a fairly new site, being created in 2009, it has behind it a wealth of experienced businesspeople and they have stepped into the market with a revolutionary style of gaming. You can see by the graphics that the site is run on a fantastic software and that to get a market share they have had to offer an incredible bonus system to new sign ups. This is unfortunately not available, at the time of writing, to poker US players but if you're from a different country, you can sign up using the link below and get a 110% bonus on deposits up to $600 using the bonus code TRPOWER.

Whether you want to play in low stake games or high stake head to head games, tournaments and cash games, you can do all of that at Power Poker. Being new to the market, the company has to be very flexible in their marketing and offer fantastic bonuses to try and win people over from longer running sites, and it's working! Who can resist the temptation to join a new site and collect a boat load of money for free?

The Rules May Change For Poker US Players

Although the current debarcle against poker US players has been raging for years, it's taking a big step in April to looking more grim, but that's not to say that US players will never be allowed to join new sites. It's possibly due to the land-based casinos feeling the pinch of online casinos, but with the possibility of alleged money laundering, the argument of monopolies can no longer hold a strength that it might have before.

If you're in the US and have a Power Poker account, you're in luck as you're still allowed to play and access the site. Many players will have to find other forms to play poker US but for everyone else in the world, Power Poker is an excellent site to play at. Fantastic graphics, easy to use controls and a stunning amount of poker games on offer make it one of the fastest growing new poker sites around.

To make full use of Power Poker, unless you want to play poker US, click this link and get a stunning 110% bonus on deposits up to $600 using the bonus code TRPOWER, which is one of the most generous bonus systems in poker to date. Make sure you use poker bonus code TRPOWER for the full bonus.

With the extra incentive of free money, you can play more games, try new things and work out a more aggressive way of playing online poker.