Online Poker Fraud – Be Safe

Online poker fraud is as prevalent as it has always been and that's why you should choose to play at a top site such as bet365. Bet365 has the status of being one of the most genuine and honest poker sites, mainly due to its ever-increasing popularity and the fact it has four million registered players across 200 countries. This level of popularity keeps the site in check as being one of the safest poker sites to play at and protects you from online poker fraud.

Bet365 is also one of the most generous of poker sites when it comes to bonuses; offering a bonus of 200%, up to $1,000 using the bonus code COACH. This is almost double what the second best bonus is in poker and one reason why so many people prefer bet365 over any other site. Online poker fraud mainly happens with the new or unheard of sites that draw people in and then disappear off the face of the Earth without a trace, whereas bet365 has been an online poker site for over 10 years now and continues to grow.

Bet365 prides itself on offering the highest form of security when it comes to receiving online payments. That means that your credit or debit card is safe from scammers and hackers, and your information is never kept by the company. It also means that when you send money, to qualify for the bonus, that your details won't be live on the internet and therefore you can't be a victim of fraud.

Online Poker Fraud – Only Play At Well-Respected Sites

Bet365 is well-known for clamping down on online poker fraud very fiercely and it rarely effects the players. If it does, their support team and investigators will work around the clock to ensure that everything is sorted out. It's this level of customer service helps add value to the company and thanks to going to particular safety measures they can keep on top of any foul play.

Bet365 not only produce the safest poker site to play at but they are also well-known for offering new poker players incredible bonus deals. The link below uses the bonus code COACH, which gives you a 200% bonus, up to $1,000. So, think about it when you join up and go to deposit funds. Would you be putting $ 500 in over the next few months? Probably. Would you miss out if you only deposited $200 today and only got $400 in return? Yes. Would you be better off depositing the full $ 500 today and maximising the free money ($1,000) that is in front of you. Yes.

As we have shown you, bet365 is safe, popular and has been around for a very long time in the online poker industry. They resist online poker fraud and have incredible levels of customer service. Click here to take advantage of the 200% bonus on deposits up to $1,000 and really get your poker career up and running.