Online Poker Tracking Software Raises Your Game

Poker tracking software is a great way to help you win more hands at Party Poker. Some people aren't great with numbers and need a helping hand, and that's where a software can help give your an insight into what hands to play and what patterns your opponents play so you can play to their weaknesses. You need a keen eye for detail and still need to decide what is the best way to play, but using poker tracking software allows you to be more mathematical in the way you play.

You can use a heads-up display so that it doesn't affect your game and means you can accurately see which players usually play certain hands and see your session's profit or loss. It shows the winnings per hour, the number of hands per hour and calculates all of the hands played and other statistics into a graph for you to analyse at a later date or during a game if you wish. You can see winnings in different currencies too and track each hand that's played in real time.

The poker tracking software parses the information from hand histories and puts them into a library so you can drill down into each of them to either make your game better or understand how to read other players better. Both of which will make you more money as you are working at poker rather than playing a game. Many people around the world do this as a career but you need to not treat it like a game if you want to be serious about it and poker software makes it serious.

Track Your Poker Statistics With a Poker Tracking Software

Poker tracking is a fairly new idea but it has been around for a while, and Poker Office is software we recommend. It is used by professional players and it helps with TV poker so the commentators can explain to the viewers what players are doing and why. Some statistics simply all point to you folding a hand due to the tiny chance of a win, but many people go for it. If the statistics tell you to play tighter, then you do that until you feel more comfortable with throwing some bluffs around.

Of course, as with all poker games and players there are variants which you need to be fully aware of what's happening at all times. It's too easy to flick to different screens or between web-pages while you're waiting for players to bet or fold but this is where you need to concentrate and then use the poker statistics to influence your next hand. If you do that, then you are more likely to know where you go wrong, especially with hand replay, and this will over time make you a better player.

While poker tracking software might not make you earn money straight away, it's a fantastic investment. Another great idea is to utilise the bonus code from Party Poker and click here to get a 100% bonus on deposits up to $500 using the bonus code PRTYNEWS. That means you can play more hands and learn more about poker without worrying.