When you are learning how to play poker it can be difficult because of all the poker terms you have to learn. I'm going to go over some of the poker termsand try to explain them in the best way that I can. When you have poker terms explained it can help you out in so many ways.

All Of the Important Poker Terms Explained

All In: When someone says all in it means that it's time to place all of your chips into the pot. You should hear this with almost every no limit holdem game!

Action: This applies to the ones that go first in poker. The reason why is because you have just started the action and so let the fun begin!

Best of it: Having a lucky day are we? Best of it means when you are a favorite to possibly win the hand since you have favorable odds. Lucky you.

Bankroll: When you play poker you gain a certain amount of money allocated to poker and this becomes your bankroll.

Bluff: This means that you are still betting with the inferior hand because you are hoping that the opponent actually folds and that means good news for you of course.

Bet: I'm sure you know what this means but I'll tell you anyway. It's when you place the money into your pot.

Back Door: This is the hand that is made when you have a drawing hand that completes on the turn and the river to make the winning hand.

Berry Patch: if you are pro then this is your lucky day. It means that this game is very easy for you because there are a lot of poor players in the game and you might win because of it.

Boat: You should learn this one because it also means a full house.

Donkey: if you get called a donkey when you are playing poker then that means you are a bad player and that maybe you should go and study poker some more.

These are just a few of the poker terms explained. There are many more that you can find on the web. Some of the terms might seem to be something when they mean something else like the boat. When you see and hear the word boat you right away think of a boat on the sea and you might not know that it means full house in poker.

After you start reading more and more about poker you'll realize why it's important to know and understand all of the poker terms and if you don't then have the poker terms explained to you. Don't be afraid to ask someone what they mean if you don't understand it because that's a great way to learn even more of the poker terms.

Don't forget that sometimes even the pros might not know all of the poker terms explained and you could end up surprising them and making them think you are a pro by knowing a few of the poker terms. Studying is the best way to become successful at poker. Playing poker for fun is one thing but when you really want to make money you'll need to study and learn many things.

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