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Poker cash games are also referred to as “ring games” and have some of the best competition found in online poker games. The competition isn't limited to only the game, however. Online Poker cash game players and tournament players debate over which type of game requires more strategy, and which is just luck. The biggest difference between cash games and tournament games is the limitation. Cash games are offered at all times, players can come in and leave whenever they feel like it. There are no constraints to when they can cash out. Tournaments however often they are offered, still start on a set time, and players must play through until the tournaments end unless they are kicked out early.

Poker Cash Games vs Poker Tournaments

Another big difference that makes poker cash games harder for new players to win is the fact that during tournaments players pay one stake, and play with “fake” chips. They may pay $5 to enter, which is minimal, and new players won't balk at matching a $200 pot if they feel they have a strong hand. The worst that can happen is they lose the $5 stake. And if they do well enough or even just have enough lucky hands, they may even rank high enough in the payouts that they are in the positive. Cash games can be harder to win, they require skill and strategy. Poker cash game strategy is very different than tournament strategy and it's easy for new player so be overwhelmed by how the cash games are played with real chips. If someone raises $200, that bet will immediately deduct $200 from the player's bankroll, and players who aren't confident in their strategy can quickly find themselves broke.

Tournament players can also be thrown off by cash games blinds. In a poker cash game the blinds stay the same, and players who play marginal to poor hands risk losing their hard earned cash. In a tournament the same player is fighting for survival, if they run out of chips there is always the option to rebuy. However, in tournaments the blinds are constantly raised as more people are kicked out. Cash games can be changed at any moment, by choosing a different table. Choosing a higher or lower blind table, or even a no limit table can change the entire strategy, and the type of players at the tables. Choosing a no limit table also affects how much a cash game player can win, as well as how much they can lose. Tournament players, at their very best, can only win first place in their prize pool.
Cash game poker players tend to have a better feel for the game, and can read their opponents. In a poker cash game good players have the ability to play a poorer hand that in good tournament strategy would be folded. Luck is a huge factor in tournament hands, as tournament players typically wait for a good hand to try to double up their stack. Poker cash game players can fold at any time and a skilled player can prevail over the cards, no matter what they are. A cash game player can wait for a weak moment in their opponent, and with good cards or a good bluff, take their chips.

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