Poker Terms and what their meaning is

All in    A bet or raise of all your money / chips you have on the table.
Ante    Money placed in the pot by all players before any cards are dealt.

Bad Beat    A very strong hand beaten by an even better hand.
Bet    Money put into play.
Big Slick    An A-K combination as pocket (hole) cards.
Blinds    A forced opening bet before any cards are dealt. (Small Blind & Big Blind)
Bluff    Pretending to have a better hand than you actually do by betting aggressively hoping that the other player(s) will fold.
Board    The community cards on the table used by all players.
Bullets    A pair of Aces being your pocket cards, also known as “Pocket Rockets”.
Button    A small disk that is used to indicate which player the imaginary dealer is. It moves clockwise around the table with each hand dealt.
Buy-in    The amount of money required to join a cash game.

Call    Making a bet equal to a previous bet.
Calling Station    A player who always seems to call bets made by others players.
Check    Not betting money on one's turn.
Check Raise    A player checks at first but raises subsequently upon another player’s bet indicating that he was trapping with a strong hand.
Deuces    Pair of Twos.
Drawing Dead    No card still to come will give you the winning hand.

Family Pot    Where everyone at the table is still involved in the pot.
Flop    The first 3 community cards dealt.
Flush Draw    Having made four cards of the same suit hoping to draw a 5th card of that suit to complete a flush.
Fold    Giving up your cards.

Go on tilt    When a player loses emotional balance during a game and starts playing irrationally.
Gut Shot    To draw to an inside Straight.

Heads Up    A game with only two players (left) in it.
Hole Cards    The cards unseen by the other players.

Inside Straight    When you're drawing to a straight which needs a middle card to complete, i.e. when you hold 7,9 and 10, J are on the board then you'll need a 8 to make your hand

Kicker    A separate high card used to break a tie.

Late Position    Being among the last to act in a round of betting.
Limping in    Calling the Big Blind hoping to see the Flop cheaply.
Loose Player    A player who plays a lot of hands.

Monster    A powerful hand.
Muck    Folding your cards without showing them.

No-Limit    A game where anyone can bet all their chips at anytime.
Nuts    The player with the best possible hand has “the nuts”.

Off suit    Cards of different suits.
Omaha    A form of poker where four hole cards and five community cards are dealt, where you must use exactly 2 of your hole cards and 3 of the community cards to form your hand.
Out    A card that gives you a potentially winning hand if it hits the board.
Overcard    A card on the board higher than your pair.
Open-ended Straight    When you hold 4 consecutive cards and either the bottom card or top card will complete your Straight

Position    The place of a player at the table in relation to the Button, i.e. late position.
Pot    The total money or chips on the table after all the betting is complete.
Pot-Limit    A game where the size of the pot is the maximum bet.

Quads    Four of a kind

Rag    A card that doesn’t help any of the players to improve their hand.
Rake    The percentage the house takes from the pot.

Raked Hand    A hand in which the pot was big enough to generate the house commission of usually 5% but no higher than £/$/€ 3.00.
Raise    Increasing the bet made by a preceding player.
Ring Game    A normal real money table game, as opposed to a tournament game.
River    The last community card dealt.

Seven Card Stud    A form of poker where each individual player gets dealt 2 cards face down, then 4 cards face up and 1 last card face down.
Showdown    Showing the hole cards after the last bet was made.
Slow Play    Not raising a strong hand to incite further betting by the other players.
Stack    Amount of chips a player has.
Steal    Trying to win the pot by betting when all other players have checked or not shown any strength.
Suited    Cards of the same suit.

Tells    Body language or facial expressions made by players that might give away their hand’s value.
Tight    A player is called tight when he/she never bets unless holding a hand.
Trips    Three of a Kind.
Turn    The 4th community card dealt.

Under the Gun    Sitting next to the Big Blind being the first player to act in a hand before the flop.